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Cannonball VL i-Beam Springer BT 1936-45

Image of Cannonball VL i-Beam Springer BT 1936-45

Once upon a time, the VL fork was a very popular item because it made your Knuckle or Panhead stand out from the crowd. An extra half an inch of length compared to 1936-up Springer forks also means improved ground clearance and a more stretched look.

Manufactured just like the original, which means I-beams and connecting braces are drop forged on a huge 10 meter forge hammer. This is the only procedure that guarantees these components stand up to the job.

The Cannonball VL fork features a 1" stem that works with the included centering collar for 1936-up ball bearings, and two 1" bearing seats for the use of 1949-up Timken bearings without any modifications. The leg tops accept the 36-up Springer inline handlebars.

Chrome-plated, internal thread of neck post: 3/4”-14 UNS, with chromed springs, length: 49.5 cm, rake: 0 °, length over/under stock: stock, certified by TÜV, Europe, gross weight: 15 kg

Approved for 4-speed Big Twins thru 1986. Length is measured from axle centre line to seat of lower steering head bearing.

Please note: This item is shipped from our European supplier so please allow an extra day or two for delivery.